THROUGH MY LENS: Blueprint Coffee, Whitstable / by Peter Sladen


Blueprint Coffee in Whitstable has become a coffee shop I save as a treat, a place that I make special time to go and visit. The shop is modern and clean with a Scandinavian inspired look. It has specially selected books, coffee equipment, magazines, artisan cakes, and one of the highest standards of coffee making I have seen in Kent. 

On my most recent trip over to the shop I was welcomed by baristas Aimee and Ed. After a friendly chat we started talking coffee. As per usual I ordered an espresso followed by a filter. The shelves were stacked with bags of coffee from Ozone Coffee Roaster and Cast Iron Coffee Roasters. Aimee suggested the single origin Cafex, Burundi from Cast Iron as an espresso starter, it was beautiful. After a short debate about which filter coffee to chose, I decided to try Colombian La Conchita, again from Cast Iron, it was delicious and it surprised me with beautiful notes of papaya and coconut. If you are ever in Whitstable, set aside some special time to visit Blueprint Coffee.


Blue Print Coffee:

Cast Iron Coffee -

Ozone Coffee:

Photos: Canon AE-1 on Fujifilm Colour 200 35 MM FILM