A Kamila Coffee review

During a recent work trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia I had the pleasure of experiencing a coffee shop called ČRNO ZRNO. My friend Mike had been to Ljubljana a week before me. Mike works as a barista and coffee roaster but I will tell you about him another time. I was keen to hear about the city and its coffee and Mike assured me: ‘the only place you need to visit is ČRNO ZRNO, the owner is Colombian and he serves Colombian coffee only’. I was in Ljubljana for work so my only free day was Friday, the day of my flight back! Oh man I was waiting for Friday like a child waits for father Christmas. I stepped up to that magical place precisely at 10.20am. I had a lovely chat with Alexander, the owner of ČRNO ZRNO. We talked about the place, his journey, and the coffee itself. You could tell that he loves coffee and has established links with coffee farmers in Colombia. I started with a beautiful espresso with citrusy tasting notes. I then asked for a filter and Alexander prepared a natural process coffee. This Diamante coffee was clean and red in colour, with the most beautiful notes of strawberries and caramel. If you are ever visiting Ljubljana and you love coffee - ČRNO ZRNO is your place!


Photos: Canon AE-1 on Fujifilm Colour 200 35 MM FILM